The Best Jailbreak Tweaks for the Volume HUD


best jailbreak tweaks for volume HUD ios 10

One of the least favored UI designs of iOS is the volume HUD. It is obtrusive and takes a large portion of the screen when it appears. This can be extremely annoying when you’re watching videos or playing a full-screen game on your iPhone.

This design of the volume HUD has been around for a long yet and we’re yet to see Apple redesign it, but thanks to jailbreak, many Cydia developers have taken matters in their own hands to build tweaks that make the volume HUD less intrusive. These tweaks shrink the size of the volume HUD and reposition it in such a way that it enhances the user experience.

Choosing the right tweak for the volume HUD might not be an easy task because there are just so many tweaks out there. To help you decide more easily which tweak to go for, we have compiled a list of the best jailbreak tweaks for the volume HUD on iOS 10.

So without further ado, here are the tweaks.

Best Jailbreak Tweaks for the Volume HUD on iOS 10


sonus tweak

Sonus is one of my favorite tweaks for the volume HUD, mainly due to its minimal design and simplicity. It moves the volume HUD to the Status bar such that it appears as a horizontal volume bar. When you press the volume buttons, the Status bar will slowly fade out to display a horizontal volume bar that takes much less space.

The tweak goes a step further to provide a suit of customization tools to change the look of the volume indicator. Here’s everything that you can do:

  • Change the color of the volume bar
  • Enable or disable overlay or shadow
  • Apply a color gradient to the volume bar
  • Show or hide the background blur
  • Adjust the height and padding of the bar along with its position
  • Choose the animation style and its duration
  • Other miscellaneous options


StatusHUD 2

statushud 2

StatusHUD 2 is another amazing tweak out there that shrinks the volume HUD to the size of the Status bar. When you press the volume buttons, a set of circular dots appear in the center of the Status bar. These dots indicate the level of your iPhone’s volume. As you raise the volume, the dots will be filled with a solid white color.

Rather than hiding the entire Status bar, the volume indicator replaces the clock portion of the Status bar only. As for the customization options, you can only change the shape of the volume indicator.


youtube volume bar

YouTube is one of those apps that got rid of the stock volume HUD and replaced it with a slimmer and more subtle volume bar. When you press the volume buttons while watching a video in YouTube, you’ll notice that a horizontal volume bar appears in the Status bar. If you like the design of this volume indicator, then you should check out a tweak known as YouTubeVolume. It brings YouTube’s volume bar design across the entire iOS.

The design of this volume bar looks a little similar to the one added by Sonus, except that it has a volume icon and is a little smaller in width.


Just like YouTube, WhatsApp has also tackled this problem by rolling out their own volume HUD within their app. The design of this volume indicator is quite different than others. It appears as a circular volume indicator in the Status bar with a white solid line around it that indicates the level of the volume.

WAStatusVolume is a tweak that brings this volume indicator design across the entire iOS. The best part of this tweak is that it offers a range of customization options. You can do things such as change the position of the indicator, choose the color of the solid line, adjust the alpha value, and much more.

  • Price: Free



PulseHUD takes a different approach to redesigning the volume HUD. Rather than displaying a subtle volume bar in the Status bar, it displays pulses on the screen every time you press the volume buttons.

While the design of this tweak is cool, there’s one major drawback – you cannot determine the level of the volume. All the tweak does is display pulses to indicate that the volume has been changed. It doesn’t provide any information as to what the current volume level is.

  • Price: Free



ByeByeHUD offers over three different styles of volume indicator for the Status bar. You can choose to view the volume level as a percentage in the Status bar, a horizontal bar that appears over the Status bar, or a bar with a blur background. All of them serve the same purpose, that is to shrink the size of the volume HUD so that it takes less space.

  • Price: Free


best volume hud tweaks ios 10

Just like the other tweaks, HUDPlayer also shrinks the size of the volume HUD, except that this time it displays the volume bar as a notification banner at the top of the screen. What’s more interesting is that it also shows music information if there’s any song playing on your iPhone, such as the song’s title and the album artwork.

  • Price: Free

Your Favorite Tweak?

These are our favorite tweaks for customizing the volume HUD on iOS 10. What’s yours? Let us know in the comments below.

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