Chrome 60 Adds Touch Bar Controls for the MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro Touch Bar Chrome 60

Google has just introduced Chrome 60 for Macs, which officially brings support for the Touch Bar. After the update, users will be able to add, rearrange or remove the Chrome shortcuts from the Touch Bar. You can even turn off predictive text on Chrome using the Touch Bar. Users can couple this with a bunch of existing Touch Bar settings like modifying the volume and brightness.

To add/modify Chrome on your Touch Bar, you will have to navigate to the Menu bar by tapping View → Customize Touch Bar. It’s been a long time coming, but it’s good to know that the Chrome team has finally introduced support for the Touch Bar MacBook Pro models. In addition to these attractive upgrades, the new Chrome 60 also comes with some font related changes. Thanks to the CSS @font-face descriptor and font-display property, fonts will load significantly faster on websites.

Google has also added Web Budget, Payment Request, Paint Timing, and Credential Management APIs with Chrome 60 keeping the developers in mind. A bunch of bug fixes are on board as well. Google Chrome is updated frequently with new features and patches for existing bugs. However, customers of the Touch Bar MacBook Pro have been made to wait to get full Touch Bar support. The Chrome team recently announced that the browser will start ad-filtering by 2018.

Download Google Chrome 60 for Macs

[Via MacRumors]