Facebook Reportedly Building a Group Video Chat App Called Bonfire

Near the end of 2016, the popular app Meerkat met an unfortunate end, but led to the birth of a group video chat app called Houseparty.

Since then, Houseparty has held its own, climbing the ranks in the respective app stores. As such, it shouldn’t be too surprising that Facebook, constantly trying to thwart threats from other social networks, would want to capitalize on the idea. According to a report from The Verge, Facebook is currently working on a group video chat app, another standalone app, that will share similarities to the Houseparty app.

The report itself could not glean any real details about the rumored app, but according to one unnamed source it will function similar to Houseparty, and share a variety of features. The source even said it’s “essentially a clone of Houseparty,” but could not provide any further details. The report doesn’t even indicate how far along in development Facebook is on the app, which is reportedly called Bonfire, or when it might launch.

Facebook’s desire to bring communities closer together is a huge focus at this point, with an entire initiative designed behind that ideal. Houseparty has found success with teenagers, it seems, a prime group of people that Facebook doesn’t want to let slip through its fingers. Unfortunately for Facebook there’s no guarantee that simply cloning a winning app, and rolling it out under its own banner, will equal success. Just look at Facebook’s own Stories effort, or things like Bolt or Slingshot.

The report also stats that Facebook is working on another standalone app called “Talk,” which apparently has its roots on the idea that kids should talk to their grandparents more often. So Facebook wants to make it easier to do so with video chatting. There were no additional details provided for that app’s development, either.

How often do you video chat?

[via The Verge]