Get the iOS 11 Lock Screen Music Interface on iOS 10 with Lysithea X [Jailbreak Tweak]


The next major version of iOS, known as iOS 11, comes packed with tons of exciting new features that will improve the user experience. It comes with a redesigned App Store and Control Center, native screen recorder, document scanner in Notes app, peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments, and so much more. One of the notable UI changes is the music interface on the Lock screen that is shown when you start playing a song on your iPhone.

In iOS 10, the music interface spans across the entire Lock screen. The music controls are situated in the upper half of the Lock screen whereas the album artwork appears in the bottom half. In iOS 11, the music interface has been completely redesigned to take less space and look more stylish.

If you prefer the new UI design of the Lock screen music in iOS 11 over iOS 10, then you’ll appreciate a brand new jailbreak tweak known as Lysithea X. This tweak ports the iOS 11 Lock screen music interface to iOS 10, allowing you to get a hands-on preview of the new design without having to wait for the official release of iOS 11.

As can be seen in the screenshots above, the new music interface is more compact in size and looks more like a widget. Rather than taking up the entire space of the Lock screen, it appears as a small widget situated right below the clock on the Lock screen.

The music interface displays details about the currently playing song such as the album artwork, song’s title, the artist, and the album name. Right below the music details, you’ll find controls for scrubbing the song, adjusting the volume level, and skipping to the next or the previous track.

Apart from offering these features that were inspired by iOS 11, the tweak goes a step further to provide one additional feature that is missing from the iOS 11 music Lock screen. By double tapping on the album artwork, you can shrink the size of the music widget to make it more compact, such that the music playback controls and volume slider are only displayed along with the song’s title and album artwork. This means that other elements of the widget will be hidden such as the music scrubber, the artist name, and the album title.

If you’d like to customize the music interface, you can do so via the tweak’s dedicated preferences pane in Settings. The customization options are very limited, so you don’t have much control over how the music interface will look like.

If you like the new design of the music Lock screen in iOS 11, then you should definitely check out this tweak. It does a great job at porting it to iOS 10 with the exact same looks and functionality. You can purchase Lysithea X for $0.99 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

If you plan on giving this tweak a try, make sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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