Google Brings Trusted Contacts to iOS


Trusted Contacts - iOS

Google’s Trusted Contacts application was launched last year on Android as an alternative to third party location sharing apps. Trusted Contacts allows users to share their location with contacts provided that their request was approved by the user. Google is now bringing it to the iOS platform as well.

This serves as a decent alternative to Find My Friends, which is only limited to your iOS contacts. A cross-platform solution such as this one has been a long time coming, although we’re glad it’s finally here. This will allow families to share their location with people they know even if they don’t have an iPhone or iPad. Trusted Contacts lacks Find My Friends’ location based notifications feature, however.

Once you add someone to Trusted Friends, you can allow them to automatically gain access to your location or ask them to request your location for your manual approval. Time-based requests are also available which will wait for 5 minutes after the request has been sent.

This setting can be changed to 15, 30 or even 60 minutes. If the user gives no response within the timeout period, the location is automatically shared with the Trusted Contacts. This feature makes a lot of sense in emergency situations. The app also comes with Google Maps integration. It’s heavily customizable, you can pick and choose the contacts that can request your location.

This request feature is handy if you’re meeting with an acquaintance and don’t want to share your location in the future. The app is a free download from the iTunes App Store.

→Download: Trusted Contacts for iOS

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