Google Search on iOS Now Has Its Own News Feed

Google Search - News Feed

Google has freshly updated the Google Search app on iOS, introducing a News Feed section to the app. The news will be displayed based on the topics you choose, and also going by your search history on the app. The content will be driven by machine learning to provide relevant and important news articles as they break.

In order to increase the number of feeds on your list, Google will add a new “follow” button next to search results. Articles relevant to entertainment, sports, or geopolitics, and others will see this new button. Users can tap the three dot button on top of each article to follow the site, share it to your friends, or simply dismiss it if you don’t want to see articles from a particular news site again.

As for the placement of the News Feed, well, it will appear directly below the search bar. This is where Google Now updates can usually be found, which has now been shifted to a separate section called “Updates”. You will be able to find updates on weather, traffic, and others from this section. The feature will be rolling out in the U.S. for now followed by other regions shortly after.

It seems like Google wants to prioritize news content over some of the other updates that the users receive. We’re yet to ascertain if Google has any algorithms in place to fact check the news articles that are shown to the users.

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[Via Google Blog]