Apple HomePod Features 1GB RAM and 272×340 Display

Apple released firmware for the upcoming HomePod late last week, well ahead of the smart speaker’s arrival in December, and, since then, key details have been finding their way online, both for the HomePod and even the iPhone 8.

Recently, we heard that the HomePod will feature Apple’s VoiceOver and other accessibility features, and that the display on the top of the device could be used to show more information other than the Siri animation — including weather information and more. However, perhaps even more intriguing was the fact the firmware also revealed that the iPhone 8 will feature the oft-rumored “notch display” and include support to unlock the phone with IR sensors to recognize the user’s face (even in the dark).

Now, another developer, Avery Magnotti, has discovered a couple of more details regarding Apple’s smart speaker. First, that the device will feature 1GB of RAM. In addition, Magnotti confirmed that the display on the top of the HomePod will have a resolution of 272×340. We already know that it supports multiple LEDs, and that it blends in with the device’s top. Apple seems to be focused on using it primarily to let users know they are accessing Siri, but it does look like the company could broaden its use case in the future if they decided to.

The HomePod will feature an A8 chip inside to power things along, so it’s reasonable to expect that the 1GB of RAM will be enough, even if it is equal to the amount of RAM that was present on older iPhone models.

The HomePod will launch in December of this year, and it will cost $349 when it arrives.

Do you plan on picking one, or more, up?

[via @citrusui]

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