iOS 11 and ARKit Bring Detailed Navigation to Walking Directions

While getting navigation routes while driving may be the primary use for some users of Apple Maps and Google Maps (and other similar apps), getting an outlined path while walking is also an important feature.

In Apple Maps, that particular feature may be getting a pretty big boost in the future thanks to iOS 11 and ARKit. Developer Andrew Hart has put together a quick demo of what that navigational future may look like, thanks to ARKit and CoreLocation in iOS 11. The result is using augmented reality to place arrows and a blue line in the real world, making it clear as day as to where someone should walk to get to their desired location:

As you can see in the video, Hart quickly puts in a destination, which is close enough to walk to, and then uses Apple Maps to plot out the path. From there, the view changes, and Hart showcases what it would be like to use the iPhone as a viewer to keep tabs on the plotted routed. There’s an obvious blue line leading ahead of the walker, and even big, obvious arrows that show when a turn is needed.

This type of technology is just one of the reasons why ARKit in iOS 11 is going to be so huge, and such a strong addition to the platform as a whole. AR technology is getting better and better, and with ARKit and the install base of iOS, it’s about to get a big shot in the arm from developers all over the globe.

We’ve already put together a nice list of seven different reasons why ARKit has been such a solid addition to the iOS platform as a whole, and this is just one more to add to the mix.

How do you think Apple should implement a feature like this? A standalone app? Maybe a picture-in-picture effort, so the directions are there and viewable, but so the user can keep doing something else on their phone?

[via @viticci; @AndrewProjDent]

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