Next-Gen Amazon Echo to Come with Improved Speakers and Design to Compete with the HomePod

Amazon Echo - HomePod

As per a report by Engadget, Amazon is prepping the release of a new version of the Echo, more in line with the Apple HomePod. Although the HomePod isn’t slated to arrive until later this year, Amazon could perhaps beat Apple to the punch with the new Echo.

The report details that this won’t be a new lineup, but merely a replacement to the original Echo which was launched a couple of years ago. As for the changes on board, it is said that Amazon will add more tweeters onboard to enhance the audio capabilities of the device. The company will also add some new microphones for better speech recognition, the report added.

In terms of the design, the new Echo is believed to be significantly smaller than the current version. The device will apparently be the size of four Echo Dots stacked up, which should make it just about the size of the Apple HomePod. The shell will also be slightly different, it is said, with the current plastic enclosure making way for a “cloth-like” casing.

During the announcement of the HomePod, Apple openly took digs at the Amazon Echo and its subpar speakers. Amazon doesn’t appear to be wasting any time to change that notion. Since the device hasn’t been announced yet, there’s no word on how much it will cost when it is launched. However, one can speculate that Amazon won’t sway too far from the $200 mark, thus making it significantly cheaper than the HomePod, which costs $349.

The Amazon Echo rose to prominence thanks to the use of Alexa, which is currently one of the best voice assistants going around. However, the hardware offered by the Echo somewhat hindered its effect.

[Via Engadget]

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