Nintendo Switch Online Launches July 21 to Handle Online Interactions

The Nintendo Switch, the company’s newest video game console, has an online feature, but owners need to use their smartphone to actually communicate with other players.

The app, Nintendo Switch Online, will officially arrive on July 21, as confirmed by Nintendo today. It will arrive alongside the upcoming Splatoon 2, and will make it possible for players of that game to not only communicate with one another, but also set up matches and groups. That will be made possible through what’s called SplatNet 2, another service that will be integrated into Nintendo Switch Online.

With SplatNet 2, Splatoon 2 players will be able to create groups of friends to play matches together, as well as find games to play and jump right into the action. It will also make it possible for players to create private lobbies, if they just want to play with friends and avoid online interactions with the general player base. If an invite is received, the mobile app will send out a push notification to make the player aware.

Nintendo Switch Online will be free to start, when it launches, but that will change in 2018, when Nintendo plans to charge $19.99 annually. It also remains to be seen if other games will use the Nintendo Switch Online app in a similar way that is being used with Splatoon 2, but it looks like Nintendo wants this to be a main feature for the console.

Nintendo Switch Online will be available for both iOS and Android users.

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[via Polygon]

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