Poll: Will You Wait for the iPhone 8 If Its Launch Is Delayed?

Multiple reports from this week alone have hinted at the possibility of Apple delaying the launch of the iPhone 8 due to component issues and software not being ready in time.

While Apple can always ship the iPhone 8 with some of its hardware features disabled at launch, it needs to ensure that the technology is at least ready for mass production. So, while Apple can get around to software for wireless charging and 3D facial scanner not being ready in time, it has limited options when it comes to the Touch ID scanner.

At this point, it is unclear if Apple would be shipping the iPhone 8 with a fingerprint scanner embedded into the display or place it at the rear. There are reports of Apple ditching the Touch ID scanner completely but that seems unlikely to happen.

If Apple decides to go ahead with embedding the fingerprint scanner on the iPhone 8’s OLED display, we could possibly be looking at a delayed launch of the handset. The company could unveil the handset alongside the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus in September but only put it up for sale after a month or two. Even then, it is possible that the iPhone 8 would be in short supply during the initial few weeks of its availability. Realistically, this means that most people would likely only be able to get their hands on the iPhoen 8 by the end of this year or early next year. Add in the rumored $1200 price tag of the handset and suddenly waiting for the iPhone 8 does not make much of a sense.

Thus, this brings us to the topic of today’s poll: Will you buy the iPhone 8 if its launch is delayed? Or will you go ahead and buy the iPhone 7s when it is launched in September? Remember, even when delayed, the iPhone 8 would come with a bezel-less design, OLED display, wireless charging, and a Touch ID scanner embedded into the display which the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus would lack.