Safari Plus Brings a Suite of New Features to Safari on iPhone

safari on iphone

Safari has grown over the years to become an extensive web browser. It takes on its closest competitor, Google Chrome, by offering a bunch of essential features that makes web browsing a joyful experience. You can browse sites while in Private Mode, save pages to your offline reading list, bookmark your favorite sites, have a bunch of tabs open at once, and much more.

As is the case with software, it will never be perfect. The same can be said about Safari. There’s so many features that Apple could still add to Safari. This is why one Cydia developer took matters in his own hands to develop a jailbreak tweak that brings a number of new features to Safari, at least to some extent.

Called Safari Plus, this new tweak provides a number of configuration options that allow you to customize Safari as well as extend its functionality. As an example, the tweak adds a feature to Safari that will allow you to upload files to websites right from your iPhone.

safari plus tweak

Safari Plus comes with its own preferences pane in Settings where you can explore all the customization and functional features that it provides. The pane is broken down into five sections, each offering options that allow you to configure Safari. Here’s what each of these sections allow you to do:

  • General
    • Automatically switch URLs to HTTPS to browse the web more securely. Keep in mind that sites that don’t support HTTPS won’t be accessible if this option is turned on.
    • Enable file uploads so that you can upload files and documents from your iPhone using Safari.
    • Add a new button to the tab switcher to quickly switch between desktop and mobile mode.
    • Long press on phrases or links to quickly insert them into the URL bar.
  • Action Addons
    • Automatically switch to private or normal mode when you launch Safari.
    • Automatically open new links in private browsing mode or normal mode.
  • Gesture Addons
    • Specify what happens when you perform a swipe right, swipe left, or swipe down gesture on the URL bar.
    • Duplicate tabs when you open them in background.
  • Other Addons
    • Enable fullscreen view in Safari.
    • Disable and remove Private Mode option.
  • Color Settings
    • In this section, you can customize the color of the Safari interface, such as the URL bar, the navigation bar, font color, buttons color, and much more.

These are all the additional new features and functionality that the tweak adds to Safari. One of the best features is the ability to upload files directly from your iPhone. When you go to a webpage where there is a file upload button, tap on it and a menu pops up to select where you want to choose files from. You’ll notice that there’s now a new option labelled ‘Local File’. Tapping on it will open the local file browser, just like iFile, so that you can browse and choose the file that you wish to upload.

safari plus tweak

One of the issues that I faced while using this tweak is that switching to desktop mode will not always work. Most of the times, it will fail and you’ll remain on the mobile version of the site, therefore you’re better off using the built-in option in Safari that allows you to enable desktop mode.

Overall, the tweak brings a number of interesting new features to Safari, and what’s more amazing is that it is available for free so you should definitely give it a try if any of these new features matter to you. Safari Plus supports both iOS 9 and iOS 10 and can be installed right now from Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

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