How to Speed Up Typing on the iPhone and Increase Productive with SwiftKey

If you are a two-thumbed typist on your mobile device, then you are likely quite fast at it. But, if you still use your one index finger to type texts and emails, you are probably the opposite. Luckily, you can speed up the time it takes you to type and reduce errors at the same time with the SwiftKey Keyboard. This responsive and helpful app will have you swiping to a more productive experience in no time.

What Is SwiftKey?

SwiftKey is a keyboard that lets you swipe through letters to create words with a feature called SwiftKey Flow. Basically, you don’t have to lift a finger. Just swipe across the keyboard, through each letter of the word, and that’s it. The word will pop into your message in seconds, letting you keep up with the two-thumb texters.

SwiftKey Keyboard Swipe

Note: you can disable the SwiftKey Flow option if you prefer to tap. See below.

What Are the Basic Features?

Cool Customization Options

A really nice feature of SwiftKey is its customization. You can download themes so that your keyboard suits your style or your mood. From basic dark or light to shooting stars and holiday colors, you can swap between designs quickly.

SwiftKey Keyboard Themes

To view, download, and select themes, open the SwiftKey app and tap Design.

Simple Settings

SwiftKey offers six simple settings to provide just the right typing experience for you. You can enable or disable the following:

  1. Autocorrect: the app will correct and complete words for you.
  2. Quick Period: you can double-tap the space key to insert a period.
  3. Auto Capitalize: automatically capitalize the first word of each sentence.
  4. Key Click Sounds: hear click sounds when you tap letters.
  5. SwiftKey Flow: type words by swiping through the letters.
  6. Quick Emoji Key: swaps the Globe key with an Emoji key for quick access.
SwiftKey Keyboard Settings

To adjust these options, open the SwiftKey app and tap Settings.

Multiple Languages

If you need to communicate in more than one language, you are in luck. SwiftKey offers a huge selection of downloadable languages. Then, when you type in any of the languages you have installed, the words will display correctly. And, you can enable, disable, or delete the languages from the keyboard if necessary. This is a great way to save time from using a translation app.

SwiftKey Keyboard Languages

To download, enable, or disable languages, open the SwiftKey app and tap Languages.

Help and Support

If you have questions or issues with SwiftKey, you can visit the Support area. Check out top questions, browse through the topics, or enter a keyword into the search box. Just open the SwiftKey app and tap Support.

SwiftKey Keyboard Support

What Else Can SwiftKey Do?

Along with these terrific features, SwiftKey does offer more, to help you do more. When you first open the app, you will see the items discussed above. But, if you scroll down on that main screen, you will see one more setting along with additional information.


If you open the Account option, you can enable SwiftKey to learn more about your writing style from social networks and emails. You can currently enable this for Facebook and Google. This also lets you back up and sync your language across devices.

SwiftKey Keyboard Account

Note: before enabling these account options, you should check out the SwiftKey Privacy Policy and the Privacy Settings. Both are conveniently available on the Account screen.


After you use SwiftKey for a while, be sure to take a look at your usage stats. These will show you just how much your productivity has improved.

  • Your Tap Map: displays how the app adjusted your keys per your actions.
  • Productivity: shows you a percentage of your productivity increase.
  • Distance Typed: if you have the swiping (SwiftKey Flow) option enabled, you can see how many miles you have swiped.
  • Keystrokes Saved: displays the number of taps you saved with SwiftKey’s features.
  • Typos Corrected: shows you how many typos the app corrected for you.
  • Words Types Using Flow: lets you see how many words you typed by swiping.
  • Words Predicted: displays the number of words the app predicted you would type next.
  • Words Completed: shows you the number of words the app completed or corrected for you.
SwiftKey Keyboard Stats

Download and Install SwiftKey

If you believe that SwiftKey can help you get your message across quicker, the app is available for iPhone and iPad on the App Store for free. Once you install the app, you must enable it to be used as a keyboard.

Open your device Settings, tap General, and then Keyboard. Next, tap Keyboards and then SwiftKey. In order to use the keyboard, you must enable the Allow Full Access option. For more details on why SwiftKey requires this access, be sure to read this support article first.

SwiftKey Keyboard Enable

If you still see the default keyboard when you go to type a message, hold down the Globe key and slide your finger up to SwiftKey in the list of options.

SwiftKey Keyboard Use

You are now on your way to faster typing, with fewer errors, and a stylish keyboard. Plus, if you decide to exercise your thumbs, you can disable the swipe (SwiftKey Flow) feature and tap away. Either way, SwiftKey is a good, time-saving keyboard app.

Have you tried SwiftKey or do you use a different keyboard that you find helpful?