Spotify Reaches 60 Million Paid Subscribers

Back in March, Spotify updated its subscribers numbers to show that it had reached 50 million customers.

Now, four months later, the streaming music company is back at it again, with another milestone reached. Spotify has officially announced that it has reached 60 million paid subscribers, up 10 million paying customers since March. Last month, the company confirmed it had reached over 140 million total users on a monthly basis. Earlier this year, Apple confirmed that Apple Music, seen as one of Spotify’s biggest rivals in the market, almost has 30 million subscribers. Apple’s service also doesn’t offer a free tier like Spotify does.

Spotify has made changes since March, including signing new deals with the major labels to get a slight reprieve in royalty payments to these labels, while at the same time allowing artists to decide whether or not to keep their new music off the free tier for a certain period of time (typically two weeks). For its part, Spotify is also aiming to go public by the end of 2017, so these sharp increases in subscribers is certainly helping on that front.

While Spotify has a clear lead in subscriber numbers over Apple Music, one area where Spotify knows it has to improve is podcasts. Recently it was reported that Spotify aims to “come after Apple” in this regard, hoping to market podcasts even more within its own platform thanks to a new podcasts initiative.

Are you a Spotify subscriber, or do you use the free tier at all? Or have you chosen to fork over a monthly subscription to another platform, like Apple Music?

[via Spotify; Variety]

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