Twitter Now Lets You Mute Tweets from Strangers


Twitter Mute

Microblogging app Twitter has turned into a safe haven for online trolls. So much so that some abusers have forced celebrities and major public figures to leave Twitter on account of their abusive tweets. Twitter is now trying to restrict this by giving users more control over their notifications.

A new update posted by the company on its mobile apps will basically allow users to mute tweets from accounts that don’t follow them, they don’t follow, or the ones that have created a new account.

This will help users filter the noise and abuse that’s directed towards them. Users can also mute notifications from those who have a default profile picture (the Twitter egg), and even the ones who haven’t confirmed their mobile number or email.

This update has been a long time coming with users often complaining about feeling unsafe on the platform, especially with their private information disclosed to millions of users across the world. All of this is great fodder for the trolls, who with the guise of anonymity can get away with practically any kind of abuse.

Although Twitter has cracked down on some abusive users by deactivating their accounts, new users (mostly proxies) pop up every day. This new update is perhaps Twitter’s way of admitting that it cannot fully control the trolls on its platform and is hence letting the victims of trolling “hide” their abusers rather than taking a more permanent action against them.

Twitter’s mobile apps recently went through a redesign which received significant public backlash. However, it seems like things have returned to status quo with users getting accustomed to the new layout.

[Via @TwitterSafety]

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