Weekly Roundup: New and Noteworthy Jailbreak Tweaks of the Week (July 16)

Cydia Package

In case you were busy this week and didn’t get a chance to check Cydia, don’t worry as we have compiled a list of all the new tweaks that were released in the week which are worth checking out.

The newly released tweaks range from bringing the iOS 11 Control Center to iOS 10 to letting you view animated GIFs in the Photos app.

AppSwitchCurrent (Free): with this tweak installed, when you open the App Switcher, it will display the currently open app rather than the recently used app.

ControlCenterXI ($1.5): this is one of the best tweak releases from this week. It brings the iOS 11 Control Center to your jailbroken iOS 10 device. It looks and functions exactly like the iOS 11 Control Center. [Read our review]

controlcenterxi tweak

DummyPass (Free): randomizes the place of the passcode buttons on the Lock screen for better security.

GIFRoll (Free): allows you to view GIFs as an animation in the Photos app in iOS 10 rather than as a still image. [Read our review]

HomeSwitcher (Free): makes the App Switcher open to the Home screen card rather than the recently used app.

NCLink10 ($1.99): groups notifications based on the app that they belong to rather than displaying them in chronological order.

nclink tweak

NotificationTester (Free): allows you to send test notifications to yourself. This is useful when you want to see how the notification banner looks after installing a new tweak or theme.

These are all the new tweaks that were released this week. If you’d like to jailbreak iOS 10.2, read the following guide:

What’s your favorite tweak from this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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