WhatsApp Is Now Used by over a Billion People Every Day

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Almost a year ago, WhatsApp announced that more than one billion people were using its service every month to talk to their friends and relatives. Today, the company has announced that its messaging service is being used by over 1 billion active users on a daily basis.

The Facebook-owned company shared some staggering numbers today in its announcement. Apart from 1 billion daily users, over 55 billion messages are sent on WhatsApp per day. This is in addition to 4.5 billion photos and 1 billion videos being shared on the service every single day. 

As if 1 billion daily active users were not already enough, WhatsApp also has over 1.3 billion monthly active users.

The key reason behind WhatsApp’s success is its reliability, ease of use, security, and that it is available in over 60 different languages.

The numbers revealed today by WhatsApp clearly reveal just how big of a messaging service it has become. While it still might not be as popular as Facebook Messenger or iMessage in the United States and China, it has become the messaging app to have in Asia and Europe.

Even with its rapidly increasing user base, WhatsApp has been working on its messaging service round the clock. Over the last one year, the service has gained support for voice and video calls, ability to share any file, and improved its security protocols.

Do you use WhatsApp as your primary messaging app?

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