Apple Increasing AirPods Production Capacity

Apple AirPods

If you were to check on Apple’s website, to see how inventory was stacking up for the company’s truly wireless headphones, the AirPods, you’d see that delivery is still weeks out from the initial order.

However, while Apple may not be able to keep stock readily available on its own digital storefront, or at its own physical retail stores, some third-party companies, like Verizon Wireless and AT&T, regularly have product in stock (online only). Today, during the earnings call following Apple’s fiscal third quarter report, Cook said that demand for the AirPods has been essentially through the roof, and, despite the fact that Apple has been working to match demand, the latter is still outstripping the former.

Cook made no qualms about the fact that AirPods are hard to produce, and that demand for the wireless headphones is still incredibly strong. He did say that the company has recently increased AirPods production capacity, though, and is “working very hard” to get them to customers as quickly as it can. Unfortunately, while that seemed like a glimmer of hope, he added that even with the boost in production, demand is still too incredibly high to match.

Of course, Cook took a moment to note that AirPods customer satisfaction, for those who can get their hands on some, is also incredibly high, sitting at 98 percent based on a report released in May of this year by Creative Strategies.

If you were curious what, exactly, is causing the production delays for the AirPods, other than the fact their simply hard to produce, Cook wouldn’t provide any information on that, unfortunately.

The best possible plan at this point is to keep an eye on third-party retailers, like the ones mentioned above. At the time of publication for this article, in fact, both Verizon Wireless and AT&T had AirPods in stock, both with fast shipping available.

Have you picked up AirPods yet? If so, where’d you get them?