Apple Could Be Building Its Own Cellular Modem

iPhone - Cellular Modem

A new report indicates that Apple could be building its own cellular modems for the iPhones and iPads. This makes sense given the fact that Apple is involved in a legal tussle with its current supplier, Qualcomm. Apple also acquires cellular modems from Intel.

The report points to a new job listing at Apple for a “Sr. Digital IC (PHY) Design Engineer” who will apparently be part of “a silicon design group responsible for digital baseband logic design in state-of-the-art wireless ICs.” Another job listing for a “Sr. RFIC Design Engineer” who will be deeply involved with the company’s SoC design group. The listing mentions that the candidates will have “a critical impact on getting Apple’s state-of-the-art radios into hundreds of millions of products.”

Apple hasn’t officially confirmed that these new job openings are intended to reduce dependency on Qualcomm. However, Apple believes in being heavily self-sufficient to avoid depending on third party sources for components. That being said, this could merely be a precautionary move to bolster the design of future Apple A-series chips.

A recent report talked about Apple potentially going back to Samsung for the 2018 A Series chipset. The company currently depends on TSMC for the production of its custom-designed A Series chipsets. There were also rumors about Apple looking to develop a new OLED tech to start producing its own displays, but those reports haven’t caught much steam. Samsung, on the other hand, is expected to significantly increase its OLED display manufacturing capacity to accommodate Apple’s needs.

Apple, as a company, is constantly innovating with new products. That doesn’t only apply to new phones and consumer products, but also to the components that go inside them.

[Via The Motley Fool]