Apple Likely To Hold iPhone 8 Launch Event on September 12

With the iPhone 8 reportedly entering mass production, it’s just a matter of time before Apple holds an event in September to officially unveil the device. Apple has generally unveiled new iPhones within the first two weeks of September, and now, Mac4Ever claims that the company will be holding the iPhone 8 launch event on September 12 this year.

The report is based on information from various carrier sources who have already been informed as to when Apple will be unveiling its 2017 iPhone lineup. The September 12 date being thrown around does match up with Apple’s previous track record.

If the iPhone launch event does end up being held on September 12, we should see the 2017 iPhone lineup go up for pre-order three days later i.e. on September 15th. The handsets should then likely hit the retail stores on September 22nd —  a week after their pre-orders started. However, since Apple is facing various supply issues with the iPhone 8, it is possible that the handset’s pre-order and availability dates will be slightly delayed.

Alongside the iPhone 8, iPhone 7s, and iPhone 7s Plus, Apple is also expected to unveil the 4K Apple TV and an LTE variant of the Apple Watch at the event. The final version of iOS 11 should also be released for existing iOS devices a day or two after the event.

Given how massive the event is going to be and the hype surrounding it, it is unclear where Apple will be holding the event. The Steve Jobs theater in Apple Park seems like a plausible candidate but it still does not seem to be ready.

[Via Mac4Ever]