Apple Rumored to Launch Apple Watch With Cellular Connectivity by End of 2017

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There are smartwatches out there that offer cellular connectivity on board, so that people don’t necessarily have to keep their phone on them to keep getting notifications.

This can be helpful for those who want to go on a run, or otherwise exercise, but don’t want to bring their phone with them. And considering how important fitness is to the Apple Watch (and Apple in general), adding this feature for the Apple Watch would make sense. Bloomberg is reporting the company is gearing up to launch just that option this year.

According to the recently-published report, Apple is working on an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity and plans to launch the product before the end of this year. This is a move that’s primarily meant, according to the report, to break the reliance the wearable has with the iPhone. As of right now the Apple Watch requires a connection to the iPhone to do things like stream music, send messages, and more. However, offering the wearable with a cellular connection would alleviate that requirement.

The report goes further, saying that Intel will be supplying the cellular modems within the wearable. On top of that, Apple is also already in talks with cellular networks both in the United States and in Europe to offer the cellular-enabled wearable on their network and in their stores. As it stands right now, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile are apparently all on board to carry the wearable when it arrives in the United States.

The report adds that Apple is planning on launching the cellular-connected Apple Watch before the end of 2017, but cautions that it’s possible the company delays the launch into 2018 as well. There’s also no word on pricing, either, but it stands to reason that it would be, at least somewhat, more expensive than the Apple Watch without LTE.

Would you buy an Apple Watch that offers LTE connectivity?

[via Bloomberg]

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