Analyst Says Apple Watch Series 3 Will Have LTE and Non-LTE Versions, no Form Factor Change


While the lion’s share of attention for new products from Apple is geared towards the oft-rumored iPhone 8, the next model in the Apple Watch family is starting to see its fair share, too.

Now, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has decided to weigh in regarding what he’s heard about Apple’s next Apple Watch, and, while it does corroborate previous rumors, there’s a big change of pace, too. As for what’s the same, the next Apple Watch, the Series 3, will indeed boast LTE connectivity, just as we’ve heard in the past. Apple will reportedly also be offering a Watch variant without LTE on board, too. In addition, Kuo expects that Apple will continue to sell the Apple Watch in a 38mm and 42mm variant.

Kuo also said that the LTE Apple Watch will only be offered with LTE on board, and no 3G connectivity. What that means is that the wearable with cellular connectivity will only be able to be offered in specific markets.

Finally, Kuo also says that the Apple Watch Series 3 will come in a similar form factor to previous generations, and that there will not be a significant change in its hardware design.

Earlier this month we heard a report that Apple was introducing an LTE-equipped Apple Watch, but details were still light at the time. The details are still missing at this point, but Kuo weighing in, with his track record, does certainly make things interesting. Especially considering his note that the Series 3 won’t be introducing a different form factor is contrary to what John Gruber has heard.

So, if you could have one or the other, which would you go for? LTE or a different form factor?

[via 9to5Mac]

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