Apple Watch Series 3 May Feature an eSim, No Direct Phone Call Support


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As we near the expected September announcement of different products, including a new Apple Watch, rumors regarding the upcoming wearable are starting to pick up steam.

The most recent expectation comes from KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo, who has been dropping details regarding the Apple Watch Series 3 for a little while now. Now, Kuo is back with another pair of details, especially regarding the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE and how phone calls on the device will work.

According to the analyst, the Series 3 with LTE will feature an eSim, which is an embedded SIM card. The idea is to save just a bit more space in the design of the device the card is fit into, but, which started with the 9.7-inch iPad Pro. However, Apple still makes a SIM card tray in most of its units because some carriers simply don’t support the eSIM idea just yet.

Kuo believes that Apple may be leaning towards Qualcomm for the baseband chip inside the upcoming wearable, an interesting choice considering the legal battle happening between the two companies. If that is the case, it would mean Apple would not use Intel. The reason for the decision is apparently Qualcomm offers a better lower-power solution at this point.

The most interesting aspect of the upcoming wearable will apparently be that it might not support direct phone call support from the device itself. Kuo believes Apple wants to improve overall user experience with the Apple Watch and making calls from it before it rolls out being able to make phone calls from the Apple Watch without being connected to an iPhone.

VoIP services, like FaceTime or third-party platforms like Skype, are apparently still possible, though.

For those curious if the Apple Watch will gain support for Android this year, Kuo does not believe that will be the case. Kuo says that Apple can’t yet guarantee a positive user experience for Android users when using an Apple Watch, and, as a result, they aren’t creating a companion app on the Android OS yet.

As it stands right now, the rumors surrounding the Apple Watch Series 3 are pointing to a device with LTE connectivity being its biggest change this year. We’ve also heard that the wearable may feature a significant design change, but that has also been refuted by Kuo, too.

Are you looking forward to the Apple Watch Series 3?

[via 9to5Mac]

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