Disney is Pulling Its Content From Netflix as it Plans Its Own Streaming Services


Netflix landed a pretty big deal in 2012 when it acquired the ability to start streaming Disney movies from the platform, of which the fruits of that deal only really started to crop up.

That included new films, like Moana and the Marvel films like Captain America: Civil War, among others. But it looks like that deal is coming to an end here soon. It’s been reported today that Disney has decided to back out of its deal with Netflix, and, as such, will be removing its content from the streaming platform. Disney confirmed the move in its latest earnings report.

The reason behind the move is apparently Disney deciding it should launch its own streaming services. That will start with, in early 2018, an ESPN streaming service, which will focus on sports from a variety of different leagues, including the National Hockey League (NHL), Major League Baseball (MLB), and others. In total, the ESPN streaming service will cover 10,000 events throughout a given year, including events form tennis, collegiate sports, and more.

And then in 2019, Disney is moving into the streaming market with a direct-to-consumer platform for its own movies and content. As it stands, neither the ESPN streaming service, nor the direct-to-consumer Disney streaming service, have specific launch dates just yet.

As for when Disney content gets the boot from Netflix, the distribution agreement will end in 2019 with the theatrical release slate for that time period. So, if you were hoping to watch Star Wars: Episode IX on Netflix, that won’t be the case.

How do you feel about Disney’s move? Will you pay a monthly subscription to get access to Disney movies directly from the company?

[via CNBC]