Falcon Adds New Features to Your iPhone’s Lock Screen and Notification Center

falcon tweak review

Just recently, we posted a roundup of the best jailbreak tweaks for the iOS 10 Lock screen. Of all the tweaks that were listed, there was one that stood out the most, Falcon. The concept behind this tweak is quite interesting and I decided to take it for a spin and see how it works.

Falcon brings a host of new features to the Lock screen which allows you to perform common tasks directly from there without having to unlock your iPhone. The tweak adds three new pages to the Lock screen, each of which serves a different purpose. These are as follows:

1. Web Browser

One of the new pages added by Falcon is a web browser that takes advantage of Apple’s WebKit API to provide a seamless web browsing experience on your Lock screen. You can google anything that you want, visit your favorite websites, read articles on the web, and surf the web seamlessly. It’s as if you are using Safari, except that it’s available from your Lock screen.

The browser has a couple of buttons to refresh the page, go to the previous or the next page, open the current page in Safari, or quit the browser.

2. Toggles

falcon tweak review

Another page that is added by Falcon is dedicated to toggles and system controls. This page displays over 15 different toggles that you can enable or disable from the Lock screen. It also provides options for respringing, rebooting, powering off, or putting your device into Safe Mode. You’ll also find two sliders at the bottom of the page for adjusting your screen’s brightness and your phone’s volume level.

3. Notes

falcon tweak review

The last page is dedicated to note taking. Here you can quickly jot down your important notes without having to unlock your iPhone. These notes do not get synced with the Notes app so whatever you write here will not be saved in the cloud. It will remain on your Lock screen as long as you have the tweak installed, or if you delete them manually.

To create a note, tap on the text field that says “Enter note”. Next type in whatever you want and once you’re done, press the Return button on the keyboard to create the note.

To delete a note, tap on it in the list and it will be removed.


falcon tweak review

Once you install Falcon, the first thing that you’ll notice is that nothing has been changed on the Lock screen. This is because you have to first add the pages via the tweak’s preferences pane in Settings.

Open the Settings app and go to Falcon’s settings pane. Here you’ll find two toggles, one for enabling and disabling the tweak on demand and another for turning on Touch ID so that whenever you want to activate a toggle, it will prompt for Touch ID.

To add pages to your Lock screen, tap on the cell that is labeled ‘Lock Screen’. Now drag the pages that you want into the Enabled section. Pages that are under the Disabled section will not be shown on the Lock screen. One important thing to note is that the pages have to be placed above the Camera page, otherwise you won’t be able to access them on the Lock screen.

You can add pages to Notification Center as well so you can access them from there as well.

Once you’re done configuring, you have to respring your device for the new changes to take effect. You should now be able to access the enabled pages on your Lock screen or Notification Center.

Falcon is by far one of the best tweaks for iOS 10 that I’ve ever come across. It brings a suite of amazing new features that are not only helpful but allow you to get a lot done directly from your Lock screen. I usually use my iPhone to browse the web and having the ability to do it from the Lock screen is just fantastic. This is my most favorite feature of Falcon and I’m sure many of you will find it useful along with the other features that this tweak offers.

If you’re in to give this tweak a try, Falcon can be purchased for $1.49 from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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