iOS 11 Beta 6: 5 Features and Changes

iOS 11 Beta 6 Features and Changes Featured

Now that we’re only a month away from iOS 11 release, Apple is speeding up the last few beta updates. As we get closer to the release, Apple is focusing more on fit and finish. There are no major new features in Beta 6. Although we find new icon designs, moved settings items and more.

1. New Maps, App Store, Reminders and Clock Icons

iOS 11 Beta 6 Features and Changes 2

The Maps app has been updated to reflect Apple’s new Apple Park campus. The previous icon referred to Apple’s Infinite Loop campus. But it’s the App Store that seems the most dramatic update. It’s still an abstracted “A” icon but this time instead of using tools, it’s just spelled out using sticks. And it looks more cartoony and playful than it did before. The icon for iMessage App Store has been updated as well.

Beta 6 also fixed the Reminders app icon that was oriented in the wrong way in the previous update. The Clock icon gets a bolder text.

2. Audio Outputs Icon Tweak

Beta 5 brought us an animating icon for the output controls for the music widget in Control Center. And it looks like this one’s here to stay because Apple has iterated on this already.

When you’re connected to an external audio output (anything like AirPods or Apple TV), the icon will now turn blue and will pulsate. If you’re just playing music on your iPhone’s speaker, it will stay still and the gray color. You can see the comparison in the screenshots below.

iOS 11 Beta 6 Features and Changes 1

3. Auto Brightness Toggle Moved

iOS 11 Beta 6 Features and Changes 4

Beta 6 moves the Auto Brightness toggle from Display and Brightness to Display Accommodations in Accessibility. This is a curious change. I’m not sure why Apple made this change. Yes, I don’t remember the last time I turned off Auto Brightness but if I wanted to, I knew where the feature would be. Putting it in Accessibility doesn’t really make sense.

4. New Splash Screen for Photos App

iOS 11 Beta 6 Features and Changes 5

Apple’s adventures in information rich splash screen for almost every stock app continues. This time, the Photos app gets yet another updated splash screen. This one highlights the new iOS 11 features like Live Photos editing, Live Photos effects and Depth Effect features in Portrait mode.

5. Fish Live Wallpapers Removed

iOS 11 Beta 6 Features and Changes 6

If you’re like me, you’re going to miss the animating fish live wallpapers that shipped with iPhone 6s. All 6 of those live wallpapers are missing from Beta 6. We hope that Apple adds them back at some point, or brings a better collection of something similar with iPhone 8’s release. This could also be yet another sign that Apple is deprecating 3D Touch on iPhones.

Other Features and Fixes

As always, the Beta is filled with bug fixes and smaller changes. If you have AirPods, the connection popup in iOS 11 now shows 3D animating icons for both the AirPods and the carrying case. Launching the App Store no longer stops music playback. Several bugs relating to Family Sharing have been squashed. Conference call UI now displays all numbers correctly.

All iOS 11 Features

Here’s a timeline of all the new features and changes that we have discovered in previous iOS 11 beta versions.

What do you think of iOS 11 so far? Are you using the developer or public beta on your daily driver? Share with us in the comments below.