iOS 11 Beta 7: 5 New Features and Changes


IOS 11 Beta 7 Featured

Another week, another minor iOS 11 beta update. This week, Apple has pushed out Developer Beta 7. This is the third beta to release on a weekly cycle. We’re not 2-3 weeks away from the final release. So maybe we have one more beta and a GM release ahead of us. Usually, by Beta 7, Apple has worked out all the kinks. And that’s evident from this release. The changes in this release are very minor.

1. Music App Icon in Control Center Widget

iOS 11 Beta 7 Features Changes 2

When you’re not playing anything on your iOS device and you open the music widget from Control Center, you’ll now see a Music icon where the album artwork is supposed to be. In Beta 6, this just showed your device outline.

2. Yellow Volume Indicator for EU Users

If you’re a resident of the European Union, iOS 11 will now show a yellow warning in the volume indicator when the volume is way too loud.

3. Bluetooth Stays on in Airplane Mode

Now, when you turn on Airplane mode from the Control Center, you can still toggle on Bluetooth and use the functionality. Also, when your turn off Airplane mode, it will remember which radios you had enabled and will revert back to the previous setting.

4. Now Playing Widget Back in Cover Sheet

iOS 11 Beta 7 Features Changes 3

In the previous betas, the Now Playing widget wasn’t available when you’d swipe down to reveal the Cover Sheet (Notification Center). In this beta, it’s back and it works reliably every time.

5. Smaller Lock Screen Clock

iOS 11 Beta 7 Features Changes 1

Depending on what iPhone model you’re using, the clock text size is a bit smaller in this beta release.

All iOS 11 Features

Here’s a timeline of all the new features and changes that we have discovered in previous iOS 11 beta versions.

Now that iOS 11 is just a couple of weeks away, are you excited for the release? Or are you more excited about the next iPhone? Share with us in the comments below.

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