iPhone 8 Concept Images Envision Embracing the Notch Design and Function Area

We’ve come to a point where Apple has effectively confirmed the design of the iPhone 8, long before it was meant to be, but there’s still plenty of time to see concept images.

Of course, while we’ve seen what the iPhone 8 will probably look like thanks to the recently-released HomePod firmware, and even discovered new features, nothing is official just yet, so there’s a very (very) small possibility that the upcoming flagship iPhone won’t look like what we’re expecting it to look like. Anything’s possible, right? And now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s go ahead and move on to the concept images of the iPhone 8 that were put together by Allen Pike and Max Rudberg this week.

Pike puts together the iPhone 8 that aims to address a major addition to iOS 11: Banner text at the top of some apps, including Messages, the Mail app, and others. In these apps there is large text at the top of the screen that lets the user know, plainly, which app they are currently using. Pike points out that these banner titles sit below navigation buttons in most apps, and that there is a lot of “weirdly empty” white space.

Pike believes that Apple will move those navigation buttons to the bottom of the display, to make them easier to access and clean things up. In this case, the navigation buttons, like going back in an app, or, probably, switching quickly back to a different app after opening a link, would be in the oft-rumored Function Area.

Rudberg put together a pair of concept images as well (pictured just above), one which includes the “notch design” being embraced, and the other where the sensor bar and notification area uses all-black UI to hide that notch design. Rudberg was initially on board with the status bar and notch design being blended together, but, after creating the concept images, is on board with Apple not hiding it:

“Beforehand I was fond of the idea of blending the statusbar with the hardware, but seeing the mockups like this, I’m not so sure. Blending the statusbar with the hardware makes the screen seem smaller than it is and the result is less striking. I’m now leaning towards that Apple will embrace the notch.”

So, what do you think of these concept images? Are you hoping Apple hides, or embraces, that notch design?

[via MacRumors; Allen Pike; Max Rudberg]

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