iPhone 8 Could Mute Notifications When the User Is Looking Directly at the Screen

HomePod firmware continues to reveal exciting tidbits about upcoming Apple hardware. We are now coming across code, originally discovered by developer Guilherme Rambo, which talks about how the iPhone 8 could potentially mute notifications when the user is concentrating on the display. This feature could be built into the 3D camera, known as the Face ID sensor, which is expected to completely replace the Touch ID sensor in the future.

The code that begins with “TLAttentionAwarenessObserver” talks about how notification sounds will be muted when the user is focusing on the display. One would assume that this feature only works when the display is on.

It’s interesting to note that an older HomePod firmware leak suggested how the Face ID sensor will recognize the user’s face even when the phone is lying flat on the table. The facial recognition feature is also said to work with Apple Pay. However, it is yet to be seen how the sensor can recognize users’ faces with sunglasses, caps, hats etc. Apple is expected to use facial recognition software made by PrimeSense, a company Apple acquired back in 2013.

iPhone 8 - Mute Code

Internal rumors have suggested that the upcoming face unlock feature has earned more data points compared to standard Touch ID unlocking. This suggests that future iterations of the technology could be well equipped to make Touch ID obsolete. We’re only a month away from Apple’s announcement of the iPhone 8, and we expect more leaks to pop up in the days to come.

[Via @_inside]

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