iPhone 8 Concept Envisions Dark Mode, a ‘HomeBar’, and More


The iPhone 8 is expected to be unveiled in the early part of September, but with only a few weeks to go, there’s still time for some new concepts to surface.

The latest batch of concept images comes from John Calkins, and he’s got some pretty exciting ideas for how Apple could roll out some key changes to the iPhone 8, thanks in part to the hardware that Apple is rumored to include in this year’s flagship iPhone. Specifically, that OLED display, which will allegedly reach edge-to-edge, offering up quite a bit more screen real estate.

As a result of that, Calkins ideas show what a “HomeBar” might look like, which would live down near the bottom edge of the display, and make use of the changing size of the virtual Home button. This is similar to ideas that we’ve heard in the past, specifically that the iPhone 8 will feature a “Function Area” below the main part of the display.

Calkins envisions iOS 12 running on an iPhone with an OLED display (and maybe there will be three of them next year), where notifications have been given a pretty big revamp, and Apple has probably tweaked a few key points in that HomeBar/Function Area. The HomeBar means owners would be able to swipe through widgets, go back home, and even launch notifications when they come in.

“With the new HomeBar, you can launch notifications, swipe through widgets and shortcuts, and go back home. 100 percent customizable. 100 percent easy.

The new virtual Home button is new but familiar – and will even change colors based on your wallpaper. You can also choose to hide it and resize as you wish.”

Just as we’ve seen visualized in the Function Area, Calkins sees a future where the HomeBar could be contextual, popping up different functions based on the app that’s running at the time. We’ve seen this idea take life in the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, where the Touch Bar’s commands change based on the app running at the time.

The concept includes grouped messages, so there’s not a single little box for everything that pops in, as well as a Dark Mode that would certainly take advantage of the iPhone 8’s, and potentially future iPhones’, OLED display. A dark mode in iOS is probably one of the more oft-requested features, but, up to this point, Apple hasn’t been too keen on adding it. With the switch to an OLED display, though, it would seem like the perfect time to make it happen.

What do you think of these concepts?

[via 9to5Mac; John Calkins]

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