HomePod Firmware: iPhones to Support ‘Multi Biometrics Options,’ Enhanced HDR, and More

There are new iPhones going to be announced soon, probably in September, and the HomePod –Apple’s new smart speaker set to launch in December– has been a bastion of information regarding the upcoming handsets.

Today, there has been another batch of information released regarding Apple’s new iPhones, thanks to information discovered in the HomePod firmware. Developer Guilherme Rambo posted on Twitter a variety of new discoveries from the firmware, all of which should be available in the new iPhones later this year. That includes the ability to capture video at 240fps at 1080p HD quality. That would be an increase over the current iPhone lineup’s ability, which can only record 240fps video at 720p HD quality.

The most interesting aspect of the new information is that the iPhones will support “multi biometrics options,” suggesting that there will be different options for users to take advantage of when the phones launch. However, it should be noted that up to this point, it’s expected that the iPhone 8’s facial recognition features are set to replace Touch ID altogether in the handset. Meanwhile, the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus are expected to keep Touch ID this year.

One final tidbit from the HomePod firmware suggests that new iPhones will support advanced HDR. In the firmware it’s titled “ModernHDR.” This is likely to make sure that the iPhone can capture photos and videos that can be displays on displays like televisions. It’s also probably not a coincidence that the rumor mill has a fifth-generation Apple TV supporting 4K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) content in the near future.

As it stands right now, the HomePod firmware, which was accidentally released by Apple, has divulged quite a few details regarding the new iPhones and more. That includes confirming the “notch” design in the iPhone 8, the fact that the HomePod has 1GB of RAM, and much more.

It is certainly sounding like Apple will have a lot to talk about regarding the iPhone 8, as well as the other iPhone models, next month.

[via 9to5Mac; @_inside]