ModiFace Uses ARKit to Showcase ‘Beauty Gallery’ and a Virtual Makeup Counter


While “Face ID” is expected by some to be the crown jewel of the oft-rumored iPhone 8, ARKit is certainly worthy of just as much attention.

The new platform was introduced by Apple back at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, and, with it, Apple will launch the world’s largest augmented reality (AR) platform later this year. But that doesn’t mean much if it can’t do anything worthwhile, which, thankfully for those excited about AR, doesn’t appear to be the case. We’ve seen some standout creations, like a recreation of A-Ha’s Take On Me music video, and even painting with your fingers.

And now there’s a new demo to watch before ARKit arrives on the scene soon. It’s from ModiFace, which specializes in creating augmented reality apps for the beauty industry, and they’ve published two videos showing off what they’ve created with the platform and iOS 11.

The first video shows a person using the front-facing camera to apply makeup, without actually applying any makeup. The user can quickly test out a variety of different shades of color. And when they want to see a panel of all the colors to choose from, side-by-side, the app supports that, too:

The same paneled approach is utilized in the second video, but this one is meant to showcase a digital make-up counter so the user can test a variety of different products. The user will be able to see their own face while they test out the digital products, too.

“Users start with trying on different beauty products on their own video through ModiFace’s iOS app. From there, once a selection of products have been made, they can then instantly see their products, product reviews, and product simulations on their own photo rendered as a virtual beauty counter. Users can walk close to the counter to zoom and view specific product visualizations or features. For example, to see the details of a lipstick, they simple walk closer to their photo and move their devices closer to a virtual lip.”

ModiFace goes on to add that it will be testing virtual beauty counters with a variety of different partners over the coming weeks.

What do you think of ARKit so far?

[via 9to5Mac]

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