Netflix Talking With Disney to Keep Streaming Marvel and Star Wars Movies


Recently, Disney confirmed that its distribution deal with Netflix would be coming to a close by the time the new release schedule for 2019 rolled around.

Which meant that Netflix would not be able to stream content like Star Wars: Episode IX, along with the variety of different Marvel movies that will launch that year, including Captain Marvel. Until then, though, Netflix will still be hosting a variety of different Disney-owned movies, including the Star Wars films, including that Han Solo-focused prequel film.

The news came as a bit of a shock at face value, but then Disney also confirmed that it has plans to launch its own streaming service, which will start with an ESPN service in 2018. In 2019, though, Disney wants a direct-to-consumer platform, and Netflix isn’t it. So, Disney prepared the Netflix markets for a loss of its content, but apparently the streaming service isn’t ready to give up.

Reuters reports that Netflix’s Chief Content Officer, Ted Sarandos, is currently in talks with Disney to make sure the platform can keep streaming Marvel and Star Wars films. The goal is to keep streaming that content while Disney would obviously continue to hold onto the rights for that content. According to the report, both companies are “still in active discussions.”

It should be noted that Disney’s CEO, Bob Iger, says that there is currently no distribution plan in place for Netflix to show Disney content from 2019 and beyond.

It isn’t a shock that Netflix wants to hang onto these films, especially as newer films roll out. And while Disney may want to launch its own streaming platform to engage customers directly, more avenues to reach that content might not be a bad idea. Especially when it’s Netflix.

Do you watch Disney’s library of films on Netflix? Will you pay Disney directly to get that content if/when it gets removed from Netflix?

[via Reuters]