New Leak Reveals iPhone 8’s 3D Sensing Camera Module

iPhone 8 3D Sensor

A new leak has revealed an image of what is believed to be the 3D sensing camera from the iPhone 8. This sensor is expected to be mounted on the front of the iPhone 8 to allow facial recognition in the form of Face ID. This feature has been confirmed by multiple leaks, including code found within Apple’s HomePod firmware.

Analysts believe that this sensor is game-changing in a way as it consists of three components – a standard front facing camera, an infrared receiving module a tnd an infrared transmitting module. This will allow the device to properly map the user’s face and offer accurate results. Face ID is expected to be used for user authentication and is expected to completely replace the Touch ID sensor in future iPhone models.

Yet another leak, coming in the form of a video, has revealed an iPhone like device with a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. The handset is seemingly going through a quality control process, although it’s unlikely that this has anything to do with Apple. It appears to be a clone, which is a common sight when a new iPhone is just around the corner.

The iPhone 8 is expected to use an all-glass body to accommodate wireless charging. The front panel will have no physical home button, using a virtual home button instead. The device will feature an OLED display panel, which will be a first for an iPhone. The iPhone 7s and the 7s Plus models, however, will come with standard LCD panels on board.

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