Nike Offering Discount on 38mm and 42mm Apple Watch Nike+ Models

Word on the street is that Apple not only has a new Apple Watch with a brand new design on the way, but also a variant that offers LTE connectivity, too.

But if you’re in the market for a smartwatch and you’e had your eye on the Apple Watch Nike+, Nike has a discount in place for a limited time you may want to be aware of. The 38mm Apple Watch Nike+ is priced at $258.97 right now, down from the regular $369 it usually goes for. Meanwhile, if you want the 42mm variant, that model will cost you $279.97, down from the regular $399 it typically goes for.

It’s worth noting, though, that some models are sold out and aren’t eligible for the discount, and Nike isn’t offering the promotional pricing for all models, either. Here is how that breaks down:

38mm Apple Watch Nike+

42mm Apple Watch Nike+

That’s certainly a worthwhile discount for either model you choose, and for someone who has been looking to get their wrist underneath a Nike Apple Watch, and doesn’t want to wait to see what new models get launched later this year, might make for the perfect time to pick one up.

With the discounts in place, and the models available, do you think you will pick up one of the discounted Nike+ watches, or do you already have an Apple Watch and don’t need to pick one up now? Are you just going to wait to see the new models?

[via Nike (38mm); Nike (42mm)]

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