OpenSignal: Verizon and AT&T Seeing Slower Speeds After Launching Unlimited Data

Back in February of this year, OpenSignal published its “State of Mobile Networks” results, which showed that Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile were tied for the top spot when it came to speed rankings.

However, several months later it doesn’t look like things are staying top-tier for Verizon, at least not on a broader scale. OpenSignal’s latest report shows that both Verizon Wireless’s and AT&T’s network speeds have dropped a bit ever since they rolled out unlimited data options for customers.

From April to June of this year, AT&T’s average LTE download speed was 12.92Mbps, while Verizon averaged out 14.91Mbps. As usual, it’s worth noting that OpenSignal’s data is populated and put together based on crowdsourced data from users out in the real world using the OpenSignal app on both iOS and Android.

These numbers stand out because back in February, OpenSignal’s reported showed that AT&T’s average download speed on its LTE network was 13.86Mbps, while Verizon’s average LTE download speed in that report was 16.89Mbps. For the Big Red Carrier, though, it did come out on top in specific cities, where it ranked fastest in places like Phoenix, Arizona; Los Angeles, California; Las Vegas, Nevada, and other major metropolitan areas.

As for the rest of the report, T-Mobile came out on top in terms of fastest network speeds during the testing period between April 1, 2017, and June 30, 2017. The Un-carrier had average LTE download speeds of 17.45Mbps, which is actually an increase from earlier this year when T-Mobile’s average LTE download speeds were 16.65Mbps. Meanwhile, Sprint also saw an increase to its LTE download speeds, where this latest report has the Now Network’s average at 9.76Mbps, when earlier this year the average was 8.99Mbps.

OpenSignal’s current testing period included 5,073,211,200 measurements taken from 172,919 individual devices across the United States.

Which carrier are you using?

[via OpenSignal]