Phoenix Jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 Updated to v3.0 to Fix Custom Offsets

phoenix jailbreak ios 9.3.5

The Phoenix jailbreak for iOS 9.3.5 which was released a couple days back has just received another update to version 3.0, which fixes custom offsets.

As most of you might be aware, the Phoenix jailbreak works with 32-bit devices only and doesn’t support 64-bit devices. If you’ve already jailbroken your 32-bit device with Phoenix, then we recommend that you install the latest version of this jailbreak to avoid facing issues.

This update comes just a few days after v2.0 of the jailbreak was released, which came with a lot of bug fixes and improvements:

  • Removes problematic binaries that resulted in multiple scripts breaking.Thanks to angelXwind for pointing this out.
  • Fixes a problem with LaunchDaemons not starting after re-jailbreaking.
  • Fixes a problem in Mixtape Player where lyrics did not display correctly using Dark Mode.
  • Fixes a problem in Mixtape Player where seeking would result in graphical glitches.
  • “Better Not Lack” (track 12) now appears correctly in Mixtape Player.
  • Temporarily disable Dark Mode in Mixtape Player by firmly pressing the app icon and choosing “Mixtape Player”.

Updating to the latest version of the Phoenix jailbreak is quite easy. All you have to do is to remove the old Phoenix app from your iPhone, and then re-install the latest version of the jailbreak. Here’s a guide on how to do it.

How to Update Phoenix Jailbreak to the Latest Version

Step 1: Delete the Phoenix jailbreak app from your iOS device.

Step 2: Download the latest version of Phoenix jailbreak from here, as well as Cydia Impactor.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your computer, then open Cydia Impactor.

Step 4: Drag and drop the Phoenix IPA file onto Cydia Impactor, as shown below.

Step 5: You’ll be prompted for your Apple ID and password. This information is only sent to Apple to sign the IPA file. Proceed with entering your Apple ID and password so that Cydia Impactor can begin installing the jailbreak app.

Step 6: Once the app is installed on your device, you should see its icon on the Home screen labelled “Phoenix”. Before opening it, go to Settings -> General -> Profiles (for some, this may be called “Device Management” or “Profiles & Device Management”).

Step 7: Open the profile labelled with your Apple ID. Then press the Trust button.

Step 8: Now that you have updated the Phoenix jailbreak, you should jailbreak your device with the latest version. Restart your iPhone to disable the jailbreak.

Step 9: Open the Phoenix app on your jailbroken device.

Step 10: Press the Prepare for Jailbreak button to begin the jailbreak process. Once done, your device should now be on the latest version of the jailbreak.

tihmstar, who is one of the hackers behind this jailbreak, has been working hard to make the jailbreak as stable as possible. Within the span of a few days, multiple updates for the jailbreak was released to ensure that users don’t face issues.
Just like the Yalu jailbreak, the Phoenix jailbreak is semi-untethered which means that when your device restarts, the jailbreak gets disable and all your installed tweaks, as well as Cydia, won’t work. You have to jailbreak again using the Phoenix app to go back to jailbroken state. Furthermore, the Phoenix app has to be reinstalled using Cydia Impactor every seven days to renew its certificate and avoid app crashes.


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