Verizon Now Throttling Video Streaming On All Its Unlimited Plans


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Verizon customers recently noticed that their video streaming was being capped to 480p on services like Netflix even when they hadn’t reached their 22GB usage limit. This appears to have been the beginning of a bigger plan, with Verizon now confirming that all video streamed on its unlimited plans will be capped to 480p by default on smartphones and 720p or 1080p on tablets.

The carrier is said to be dividing its unlimited data plans into three offerings:

  • Go Unlimited for $75/month. 480p video on smartphones, 720p on tablets.
  • Beyond Unlimited for $85/month. 720p video on smartphones, 1080p on tablets.
  • Business Unlimited with a varying price range. 480p video on smartphones, 720p on tablets.

It is important to note that the carrier could only throttle your speeds once you reached the 22GB mark. But as per the carrier’s new terms, the throttling can be done practically any time, or whenever there is a network congestion. Funnily enough, Verizon claims that customers won’t be able to tell the difference between 720p and 1080p on mobile devices. This claim doesn’t make much sense given the kind of mobile displays on offer today.

Existing users of the unlimited data plans get up to 15GB of high-speed LTE hotspot usage, which is up from 10GB. However, even this doesn’t appear to be exempt from Verizon’s throttling. Since Verizon is practically throttling all video streamed on its network, using a VPN probably won’t bear much fruit this time around.

What do you make of Verizon’s new policies?

[Via The Verge]

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