How Should Apple Embrace the Notch Design in the iPhone 8?


By now, you’ve probably seen a proposed design for the iPhone 8 (or iPhone Pro, or iPhone X). We’ve been seeing them for quite some time, from renders and dummy units, and it’s not going to stop until September and Apple officially announces the device.

Until then, we’ll keep an eye on those renders and dummy units, and go back-and-forth about what Apple should do and shouldn’t do.

It’s an interesting thing that we’re still discussing what the iPhone 8 might look like, too, especially considering the HomePod firmware seems to have confirmed the “notch” design ahead of the official unveiling. Then again, we’e all seemed to simply accept the notch design even before the firmware surfaced, and it’s mostly about how Apple will utilize that design in the end result.

Will we see Apple “embrace the notch,” and put information like the carrier name, network connection, and battery life on either side of it? Or will we see the company put the OLED display to good use, hiding the notch design. In that last scenario we could still see the relevant information displayed near the top edge of the phone, or, as some renders have suggested, below it, so that the notch is hidden and there’s just, essentially, empty space up there. Technically speaking.

So, let’s just go with that notch design, as we have been for weeks now, and software choices.

I’ve included an image at the top of this article, which shows mockups that were created by UX designer Maksim Petriv. I think we can all agree that one of these options is what Apple is going to go with. I wasn’t a fan of the notch design at first, but, the more I’ve been seeing it the more it has started to grow on me. And, out of these three different options I *think* I want Apple to go with it.

But I could go with the first option, too. The first and third options take different routes with how they take advantage of the OLED display, but in reality they still allow for the same information to be displayed. We also still can’t actually utilize that part of the display, either, so it really only comes down to how you prefer that info being displayed to you.

I am not a fan of that middle option at all. We know that black bar would just be empty space, and it just looks like Apple cut it off. It’s not like the “extra” space that would be gained in the main display from moving the network/battery info would be noticeable at all, but I think it just looks cleaner.

What about you, though? Where do you stand with these design options? If Appel does go with the notch design, and these are the ways Apple can show off iOS 11 (and future updates), which option do you prefer?

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