Ad Companies Talk About How the New Safari Update Could Affect the ‘Infrastructure of the Modern Internet’

iOS 11 Safari UI

Apple is bringing some Safari related changes with macOS High Sierra and iOS 11, set to be released on Sep 19 and 25 respectively. Ad companies, however, aren’t too pleased with some of the new additions made with the update, particularly the Intelligent Tracking Prevention feature.

The feature basically restricts ad companies from retargeting the users. Ad retracking will be limited to 24 hours, which basically means that the users will start seeing generic ads after 24 hours. Ad companies have posted an open letter criticizing Apple’s new update and claiming it is “unilateral and heavy-handed” towards user tracking.

It goes on to mention that the update could affect the “infrastructure of the modern internet”. The letter was jointly written by a few ad companies including the Interactive Advertising Bureau, the American Advertising Federation, and the Data and Marketing Association.

“Apple’s unilateral and heavy-handed approach is bad for consumer choice and bad for the ad-supported online content and services consumers love. Blocking cookies in this manner will drive a wedge between brands and their customers, and it will make advertising more generic and less timely and useful. Put simply, machine-driven cookie choices do not represent user choice; they represent browser-manufacturer choice,” the letter said.

Apple has for long argued that features like these are designed to protect the users’ privacy, especially of those who don’t want to be tracked by the ad companies. Apple is expected to respond to this letter over the coming days.

[Via Adweek]