Apple Confirms APFS Support Coming to Fusion Drives in a Future macOS High Sierra Update

10 Things to Know About APFS

Apple released macOS High Sierra for all compatible Macs earlier today. Among other things, macOS High Sierra also brings the new Apple File System (APFS) to Macs after initially making its way to iOS devices with the iOS 10.3 release earlier this year. However, Apple had updated its support documents last week to confirm that the new Apple File System would be limited to Macs featuring a solid state disk.

This meant that older Macs like the Mac mini and the iMac featuring a regular hard disk or a Fusion Drive won’t be converted to APFS when upgraded to macOS High Sierra. Now, Apple’s SVP of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, confirmed in an email that Apple would be adding support for Fusion Drive to APFS in a future software update.

Interestingly, the first macOS High Sierra beta released earlier this year featured APFS support for Fusion Drives. However, Apple likely pulled the plug on the file system for older hard disks likely due to bugs and other stability issues.

The new Apple File System is aimed at flash storage disks which are significantly faster than traditional hard disks or even Fusion Drive. The new file system aims to make daily tasks like copying files, finding the size of a folder etc. almost instant. It is also more secure and advanced with its 64-bit architecture. APFS replaces Apple’s HFS+ file system which first debuted with the release of Mac OS 8.1 in 1998.

[Via MacRumors]