Apple Joins Pilot Program With FDA to Speed up Health-Related Product Approvals

Apple has had a focus on people’s health for quite some time, not just with the Apple Watch series. And now it looks like Apple may find it even easier to get health-related products out on the market.

Bloomberg reports that Apple, along with Fitbit and seven other companies, have been approved to join a brand new pilot program with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The new program means that, in some cases, Apple could get pre-clearance for its health-related products, and avoid a variety of different regulations that can slow down the approval process, as long as they are willing to put their software, and facilities, under higher governmental scrutiny.

According to the FDA, over one hundred companies applied for the pilot program. Apple, Fitbit, Samsung, and others.

For Apple, it means that its own efforts, including the Apple Heart Study, can see faster approvals for services and software related to the initiative. It may also relate to more health-related functions and features baked into future versions of the Apple Watch lineup as well.

The FDA has its own approval process, and it is always possible that submitting services, software, and even hardware ahead of its official announcement could mean they get leaked out, which is obviously something Apple tries to avoid at all costs. However, with this new pilot program Apple may be able to avoid that fear of having their devices and features seen by the public ahead of any official announcements.

Apple continues to add health features into the Apple Watch, and even has a Nike+ variant for the smartwatch. This new pilot program will likely mean we see even more out of the company in the years ahead.

[via Bloomberg]

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