Apple’s Steve Jobs Theater Captured in Photos and Video for iPhone X Event

Today marks a big day for Apple, not just for a brand new product launch, but also because it’s the first ever event at the brand new Steve Jobs theater located at Apple’s new headquarters.

For those who have been keeping tabs on the construction, watching as the big “spaceship” design came to fruition, seeing the pieces of the giant puzzle come together is certainly worthwhile. The new HQ has been a longtime coming, and one of the more exciting parts has always been the Steve Jobs Theater, where it’s been expected that Apple would be hosting its major events once it opened its doors. That day is today, for the big iPhone X event.

For the folks who can’t make it to the event, there in attendance have happily taken to Twitter to share plenty of pictures, and even video, of the campus theater. It’s a giant circular design, with a lot of glass and minimalist design — just as we’ve come to expect from Apple’s physical spaces. It looks a bit like a spaceship in its own right, with stairs leading down into the theater proper.

So, here are a few photos and videos posted to Twitter, shared by those at the location.

Here’s the exterior:

Here’s inside:

A close-up shot of the curved glass exterior:

The image at the top of this post was published to Twitter via Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook. It’s through the source link below.

What do you think of the Steve Jobs Theater and its design? Are you a fan, or should it have fewer windows?

[via @Tim_Cook]

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