Apple Watch Series 3 With LTE Will Cost $10 Per Month on Some Wireless Carriers


Apple was happy to announce that the third-generation Apple Watch would host more than a few changes by way of watchOS 4 but that the upcoming wearable would keep mostly the same design cues in place.

One new aspect is a brand new feature being built into the smartwatch: cellular connectivity. Apple confirmed the rumored feature today during its “Let’s meet at our place” event, where it also introduced the iPhone X. The time on stage dedicated to the new wearable was minimal, but it was enough to show the new calling feature available on the Apple Watch.

Apple’s COO, Jeff Williams, was on stage to talk about the new feature, calling another Apple executive who happened to be paddle boarding in the middle of a lake. The call itself was clear sounding and the connection seemed strong, despite the rather unorthodox place to take a call.

Now that everything is official, the wireless carriers that will offer the upcoming smartwatch are starting to chime in. In Canada, for instance, both Bell and Telus will be supporting the Apple Watch Series 3 with LTE, but neither carrier has officially confirmed how much it might cost a future owner to use it on the cellular network of choice.

Meanwhile, in the United States, Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and T-Mobile have confirmed how much it will cost on a monthly basis to use the smartwatch on their networks. For AT&T it will be charging $10 per month right out of the gate, which makes it a bit different than what’s going on at other carriers. Namely, both Verizon and T-Mobile have confirmed they will be giving out three months of free service for the Apple Watch Series 3, as far as the line cost goes for the device to be attached to it. After that three months is up, though, the Apple Watch Series 3 will cost $10 per month.

Sprint has yet to confirm what the Apple Watch Series 3 will cost on its network.

These prices are for line access, mind you. How you decide to buy the Apple Watch Series 3 will be in addition to that $10 per month (or whatever a carrier decides to charge) from the network.

The Apple Watch with LTE will start at $399, while the Apple Watch Series 3 without LTE will start at $329. All variants go on sale beginning September 22.

Are you planning on picking one up?

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