Customize the Appearance of the iPhone Volume HUD with Castro [Jailbreak Tweak]

castro tweak

One of the UI elements of iOS that needs a much needed change is the stock volume HUD which has remained the same over the past few iterations of iOS. There are a bunch of tweaks in Cydia that redesign the volume HUD to make it more user-friendly and less obstrusive, but a new tweak called Castro takes a different approach to dealing with this situation.

Rather than shrinking the size of the volume HUD or moving it to the Status bar to make it less obtrusive, Castro keeps the volume HUD in the center of the screen while customizing its appearance. The tweak brings an overall new look and feel to the stock volume HUD while keeping its position untouched.

The tweak replaces the original volume HUD with a new looking interface that features a circular volume indicator. As you increase or decrease the volume, the circular bar is filled with solid lines to reflect the current volume level.

Apart from redesigning the stock volume HUD, Castro has another feature that is quite interesting. When there’s a song playing on your iPhone, the volume HUD displays information about that song and the app it is playing from. It displays the song’s title, the album artwork, and the artist. This feature works with most music apps, including the stock Music app as well as third-party music apps such as Spotify. When there’s no song playing, the tweak displays the custom Ringer/Volume HUD.

castro tweak

Castro also offers a couple of customization options which you can access via its dedicated preferences pane in Settings. They are as follows:

  • Kill-switch toggle to enable or disable the tweak on demand
  • Change the color of the header based on the music app icon
  • Choose the theme of the volume HUD, such as Light Mode, Dark Mode, Night Shift, and Noctis
  • Display Bluetooth battery indicator when listening with a Bluetooth device
  • Hide or show the Now Playing interface when there’s a song playing on your iPhone

As you make changes, you can view them in real-time without having to respring your device. The changes will take effect right away and you can view them by simply pressing the volume buttons to invoke the volume HUD.

Castro is more of an aesthetics tweak that caters to users who wish to customize the appearance of the stock volume HUD. If you find the volume HUD annoying and wish to change its position or shrink its size, then you should look for an alternative tweak such as the YouTubeVolume tweak.

Castro is a unique tweak that takes a completely different approach to customizing the stock volume HUD. If you ever wanted to change the look and feel of the iOS volume HUD, then you may want to try this tweak. Castro is available for purchase from Cydia’s BigBoss repo for $1.29. It supports all jailbroken devices running iOS 10.

What do you think of Castro? If you give it a try, do let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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