Facebook Silently Launches Group Video Call App, Bonfire, in Denmark


Facebook’s group video chat app, Bonfire, has silently popped up on the App Store in Denmark. The app’s existence was confirmed back in July, but this is the first time it’s been spotted on the App Store. Adam Blacker from app analytics firm Apptopia mentions that the app is only available in Denmark as of now, while only 2,000 members appear to have downloaded it so far.

The reason why the app is only being spotted in Denmark is unclear right now, but Blacker believes that since Denmark has a good user retention for apps, it’s usually a very good market to try out new applications. Since it’s already been spotted in Denmark, we shouldn’t be far away from a global release.

Bonfire is basically a rival to Houseparty, which is currently the most popular group video chat app. It will be interesting to see if Bonfire’s arrival on the scene will hinder Houseparty’s momentum in the marketplace.

TNW’s head of social, Matt Navara, managed to download the app and found that he could invite other friends from Facebook to try out Bonfire. However, since they were unable to download the app, the users couldn’t try it out.

Facebook issued this statement in response to TNW’s query – “At Facebook Inc we continue to build and test new products and services. We already have many great experiences for people to video chat in groups, or as individuals, across the family of apps, including Messenger. We are interested in how everyone uses technology and how we can build great experiences for them. We’re running a very small test in Denmark of an app we call Bonfire. We have nothing further to share at this time.”

It’s not surprising that Facebook isn’t divulging a lot of information at this point, although one can hope that more word will follow in the months to come. If you’re currently living in Denmark, be sure to try out the app by heading over to the app link below.

[Via iTunes App Store, TNW]