Fitbit Signs Deal with Dexcom to Display Glucose Monitoring Data on the Ionic Smartwatch

Fitbit Ionic - Glucose Level Monitoring

Fitbit has announced a deal with Dexcom which will allow customers of the upcoming Ionic smartwatch to access their glucose level data. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the smartwatch will be able to track glucose level data in real time. But if the user has a Dexcom glucose monitoring device, it can now pair with the Fitbit smartphone app and display data on the Ionic smartwatch.

Glucose level monitoring requires a sensor which is not present on the Ionic. Those with a Dexcom diabetes monitoring device can already see the data on an Apple Watch, so this feature is not new to smartwatches. But given the buzz surrounding Fitbit’s upcoming smartwatch, this deal appears to have been struck at the right time.

“The collaboration between Dexcom and Fitbit is an important step in providing useful information to people with diabetes that is both convenient and discreet,” said Kevin Sayer, President and CEO, Dexcom. “We believe that providing Dexcom CGM data on Fitbit Ionic, and making that experience available to users of both Android and iOS devices, will have a positive impact on the way people manage their diabetes.”

Dexcom has signed a deal with Apple to bring some of its features to the Apple Watch this year. There have been reports in the past suggesting that Apple is working on an independent glucose monitoring feature within the Apple Watch. The feature is believed to have progressed quite further with feasibility trials said to be ongoing.

It’s unlikely that we’ll see these features in the upcoming Apple Watch refresh, however. Dexcom’s monitoring devices already allow glucose data to be transmitted to iPhones with the help of an app. But having a native solution will no doubt make lives a whole lot easier for the diabetics.

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