Former Software Engineer Who Built an iPhone 6s From Scratch Has Now Added a Headphone Jack to iPhone 7

Earlier this year, Scotty Allen, a former software engineer, managed to build an iPhone 6s from scratch with nothing but components sourced from China. Now, he has managed to do something which even Apple could not do with the iPhone 7: add a headphone jack to it.

While we have seen quite a few videos on YouTube where people have drilled a headphone jack on an iPhone 7, Scotty’s efforts were more serious. The project took four months to complete, with Allen spending most of the time in Shenzhen, China where he could easily source the required components.

To achieve the final result, Allen ended up using Apple’s own lightning to headphone adapter which he modified in the middle with a flexible PCB.

The project saw Allen going through 3 iPhones, a bunch of screens and internals components. Apart from the whole project being very tough and expensive, it is also impractical for an average iPhone user out there.

In the end, Scotty did manage to fit a 3.5mm headphone jack on his iPhone 7. However, due to the way it has been implemented, it is not possible to use both the headphone jack and the Lightning connector at the same time.

You can see the 30-minute+ video linked above and Allen’s detailed explanation of the project over at Strange Parts.