How to Create QR Codes Right from Your iPhone in iOS 11

iOS 11 QR code scanning featured

iOS 11 supports QR scanning using the Camera app. And you can use websites make your own QR codes. But they’re all a bit clunky. There’s now an easy way to create your own QR codes, right on your iPhone or iPad.

Using Visual Codes app, you’ll be able to quickly generate a QR code. You can share it on the web, print out a poster featuring the QR code, or just prop it up and let other devices scan the code. When you’re in public and you need a quick way to let users connect to a Wi-Fi network, this feature can be really helpful.

Download: Visual Codes

How to Create a QR Code

Step 1: Open the Visual Codes app and tap on the Add Code button.

IOS 11 Create QR Codes iPhone 1

Step 2: Next, select an action. You can choose from one of 7 available actions – Open Website, Search Web, Compose Email, Add Contact, Map Location, Call Phone Number, Connect to Wi-Fi.

IOS 11 Create QR Codes iPhone 2

Step 3: From the Create Code section, provide the details for what happens once the QR code is scanned. For the website option, it will be a URL.

IOS 11 Create QR Codes iPhone 4

Step 4: Once the detailed are all filled up, tap on Create Code.

You’ll be back to the Home screen. Tap on the QR code and you’ll see a full preview of it.

IOS 11 Create QR Codes iPhone 5

This is where the free functionality ends. If you want to use the app’s Share feature or Print feature, you’ll need to upgrade by paying $1.99.

If you want to share it with others, just take the screenshot of the QR code (and crop the QR code part if you want).

Download: Visual Codes

What Will You Use QR Codes For?

Do you see yourself creating and passing around QR codes when you’re organizing an event? It can be a really useful way to share your contact or letting people join a Wi-Fi network.

Share your thoughts about the QR code feature in iOS 11 with us in the comments below.

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