How to Use iOS 11 Emergency SOS Feature on iPhone

iOS 11 Emergency SOS

iOS 11 brings a new Emergency SOS feature for every iPhone on the planet. Previously this feature was only available on the Apple Watch and for citizens in India. This new feature makes sure that you can quickly reach the emergency services in the time of need.

How to Call for Emergency Services

This feature is enabled by default. To call for Emergency Services, tap on the Sleep/Wake button 5 times.

iOS 11 Emergency Services Button

This will bring up a new screen that will show Power Off, Medical ID and Emergency SOS sliders. Swipe on the Emergency SOS slider.

iOS 11 Emergency Services 3

This will place a call to the Emergency Services number for the country you’re in. You can choose the cancel this call as well.

iOS 11 Emergency Services 1

How to Auto Call Emergency Services

To make sure you don’t make an accidental call, there’s a two step system.

But if you wish, you can set it up so that your iPhone places the Emergency Services call the second you tap the Sleep/Wake button 5 times. You do get a countdown timer for a couple of seconds.

After which, it will call your designated emergency contact.

Step 1: Open Settings -> Emergency SOS.

Step 2: Toggle the Auto Call feature.

iOS 11 Emergency Services 2

Step 3: From the bottom, select your emergency contacts.

Step 4: If you want to turn off the countdown sound, tap on the toggle at the bottom of the page.

A Side Effect: Quickly Disable Touch ID Temporarily

When you’re in the Emergency SOS screen, just tap on Cancel and you’ll disable the Touch ID. Next time you try to open your phone, it will ask for your passcode.

If you’re going through customs, do this to disable Touch ID. In some areas in the west, the authorities can order you to put your thumb on the Touch ID sensor but they can’t make you put in your passcode.

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